currently not accepting models

As the industry changes, so does my need to enrol in advanced education and training. I fundamentally believe that if you aren’t continuously learning and developing your skills, you will become stagnant and under qualified in your field.

Which is why I am always dedicated to learning and investing in advanced education, so that I can always offer top of the line services, backed by industry knowledge and training.

When I am enrolled in advanced education courses, I often need “models” for my training. Because these dates, times, and locations are specific, I offer these model spots complimentary.

Most of these complimentary services range from $175-$700 in retail price.

All of the complimentary services that I will be providing will be fully supervised by industry-leading professionals, who guarantee 100% satisfaction with your service before you leave the training institute.

When spots become available they will be posted below

Current appointment availability

*currently no spots available* – Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date about model spots announcements

If you are interested in any of these complimentary services and are available during the correlating times, please reach out to me to book your spot!