Our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser Hair Removal Service offers a safe, non-invasive solution for long-lasting hair reduction. Using advanced technology, pulses of light are directed onto the targeted areas, effectively disabling hair follicles and slowing down their growth. This treatment is suitable for various skin types and can be applied to multiple areas, including the face, legs, underarms, and bikini lines.

Our experienced technicians customize the treatment based on individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience. Enjoy the benefits of smoother, hair-free skin with our IPL laser hair removal service.


Quick Facts about Laser Hair Removal

  • Uses IPL (intense pulse light) to target and kill hair follicles
  • Long-term hair removal results
  • Multiple treatments are needed in the targeted area to reach the desired results
  • Price determined on area size

Treatment results – How it works

The success and safety of laser hair removal are highly dependent on the
pigment present in both the skin and the hair of the patient being treated

  • The key principle behind laser hair removal is matching specific
    wavelengths of light and pulse duration to a specific target, namely
    melanin in a hair follicle whilst avoiding the surrounding tissue area.
  • Lasers target terminal hairs with the pigment melanin thereby, the intense pulse of the laser beam is absorbed primarily by the pigment in the hair follicle.
    • Terminal hairs are thick, and long and usually have much more melanin /chromophore that absorbs the photon/ thermal energy of the laser. Hair on the scalp, underarms, genitals, eyebrows, chest, back, legs, and arms are examples of terminal hairs.
    • Short and non-pigmented hairs that can be found in most other areas of the body and face are called Vellus hairs.
  • Without a normal hair follicle, hair cannot survive and falls off.

  • Lasers are most effective when they target the hair follicle in its active phase of the growth cycle called the Anagen (active phase).

  • Destroyed hairs are either dissolved within the skin or rejected by the body within the next several days.

  • Successful laser hair removal is achieved by repeated treatment since a portion of all hairs in the body is in the Anagen phase at any given time. As a result, some follicles are destroyed, while others are partially traumatized, reduced to fine hairs, or subjected to extended quiescence.

  • Generally, about 30% of hairs will not re-grow after a single treatment. It is difficult to predict how many treatments each individual will require to achieve the best long-term results therefore, multiple treatments are needed to provide the best results.

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